Transmission Gears & Shafts

The company manufactures all types of transmission gears and shafts for all automotive and tractor applications. These include various speed gears and other gears and shafts which go into the power train of the vehicle. The maximum module which is produced is 8 as per Din class “8” accuracy. The maximum diameter which can be accommodated is 400 mm which are manufactured on state of the art CNC hobbing machines. To ensure accurate hobbing process, the company produces turned blanks on the most modern CNC turning centres imported from Korea. The parts are manufactured by the shaving route and go through a modern case carburising plant which is electronically controlled. Efforts are made to achieve minimum distortions post heat treatment and accordingly corrections are made in the entire process. The grinding process is also undertaken on high precision German machines. The company achieves both straight as well as “K” profile on the gears as per customer requirements.

Bull Gears

The company has a dedicated line for manufacturing of bull gears ranging from 10 Kg to 35 Kg. The maximum module is 8 and maximum diameter is 400 mm. The turning set up includes dedicated horizontal turning centres, vertical broaching, hobbing& shaving with complete hydraulic fixturing meant to produce parts within the customer requirements. Considering the heavy nature of the component, adequate material handling systems are in place to ensure no metal to metal contact.

Induction Hardened Shaft

This product category includes various application shafts like PTO Shafts, Rock Shafts, Thru Shafts etc, hich undergo induction hardening in place of case carburising. The maximum length of the shafts produced is 800 mm with a case depth ranging from as low as 1 mm to 6 mm on various high and low frequency induction hardening machines. The induction hardening machines range from 50 Kw to 250 Kw covering the entire spectrum of induction hardened shafts. The Company ensures minimum distortion, accurate linear dimentions on slender shafts where diameter is as low as 20 mm.

Rear Axle Shafts

This product line is one of the prime drivers of the company. The company has done lot of work to manufacture low cost and high fatigue resistant Rear Axle Shafts by bringing in various processes like single shot induction harening, localised induction hardening amongst others. The company is able to achieve case depth as high as 12 mm and as low as 4 mm as per the customer requirements on CNC programmable medium frequency induction hardening machines. The CNC turning centers are installed with steady rest to achieve practically zero chattering marks. Drilling & Reaming being an integral part of the manufacturing process are manufactured on moving column Vertical Machining Centers and the grinding operations are carried out on angular head grinding machines fitted with marposs online gauging and auto sizing. Among various automotive and tractor application customers, the company manufactures Rear Axle Shafts with a maximum flange diameter upto 300 mm and maximum length upto 1200 mm.

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